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Hi! My name is Ignacio Segura and I’m a “graphic design nerd”. I work as freelance web apps designer and developer focused on frontend and interaction design. My main tools are jQuery and Drupal, and my main objective is making things a joy to use.

Need more info? Check my online portfolio.

“I've been working with Ignacio for many years and it's always been a true pleasure. First, he is fun to work with. Second, he is highly qualified in his field. He was MY top resource for Wordpress, Drupal, jQuery, CSS, and all the front end aspects of the web development. He always delivers. The sentence I heard him say more then any other was: "Consider it done". And 100% of the time, it was.”
Marc-André Lanciault
Founder and CEO at Karelab (Montreal - Canada)
“You really nailed the design!!! This is exactly what we wanted. And it's great you managed to do it in such a short time.”
Cándida Castro Ramírez, PhD.
Experimental Psychology Department,
University of Granada (Spain)
“Ignacio worked as an intern for three months. We were happy to see his enthusiasm and precision when mainly working with photography of design objects. A nice and fun guy to have around.”
Olle W. Stråhle
CEO, Wolfgang Design Studio (Stockholm - Sweden)